Monday, August 31, 2009

That Time Of Year Again

19 years ago on this very day, my lovely mother was in the hospital. Was she sick? No. Was she having surgery? No. Was she perhaps visiting someone who was sick or having surgery? No. No she wasn't.

What was she doing in the hospital 19 years ago on this very day?

Welcoming her first child into the world.

Her favorite child.

The best daughter she could have ever hoped for (aka ME!).


Okay so I'm not her favorite child or the best daughter (although I could say I was the best daughter if I didn't have a sister....) But I am her most favorite OLDEST daughter and also her favorite Cinderella.

And I'm a daddy's girl to boot because you see, he was right there welcoming me into the world alongside my dear momma.

I suppose you could say these 19 years have flown by. One day I'm three years old riding my bike down the driveway because wouldn't you know it, I was going to school darnit! And the next day I'm a sophomore in college with a boyfriend and an future as an art teacher.

I don't remember all of my birthdays that I've had, but I know they were all special. And being born on the last day of August meant that I was never in school for my birthday, but I was always one of the youngest kids. And did I let that affect me? Heck no. I flaunted it. Look kiddo, I'm just as good at this as you are, maybe ever better than you are, and guess what? I'm YOUNGER.

I remember one year we went camping for my birthday. A few years in a row we went to Wild Waters. Last year when I turned 18 I went to Silverwood with Belle and Arby.

(me, arby, belle at silverwood)

My favorite number is 16, so when my 16th birthday rolled around I was super excited. Then when it came time to change from 16 to 17, I wasn't keen on leaving my favorite number behind. I felt like I would be cheating on 16 and have to get a new number. But then that fateful day occured, and wouldn't you know it 16 still loves me.

But I got really attatched to being 17 and I didn't really want to turn 18. Sure 18 meant I could smoke if I felt so inclined and now I could legally buy porn (sarcastic eye roll), and I could write my own notes to excuse me from missing class (haha).

Today I'm kind of excited to be 19. You see, this is my last year of being a teenager and to be honest I'm not really that attatched to being 18, so it's an easy age to let go of. Princey turns 20 in October. I tease him about being a grandpa and needing to reserve a room in the nursing home. He just tells me shut up with a huge grin on his face.

This is the first time in my whole life that I have had to go to class on my birthday. I remember when I was turning 13 and going into the 8th grade, my birthday was two days before school started. But that was the closest it ever got to school. Two days.

(turning 13)

Now I've already been in school for a week. It's good ol' Monday morning and I've already been to two classes today.

But you know what?
It's going to be a good day, darnit!

(19 years old today)


  1. YAYY!! Happy birthday! I loved this post! I feel like I got to know you better :)


  2. Happy belated birthday, lovey!! I haven't been able to check blogs as consistently lately, and I completely missed it! :( 19 wasn't my best year...hopefully your 19 turns out better!)

    You think Princey's practically geriatric? My hubster is 28, which makes him six (count 'em, six) years older than me!


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