Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good With Intent To Be Great...or dare I say awesome?

Robin Hood (whom I may consider re-naming as The Keeper) is gone this weekend for a soccer tournament in Pocatello. They won their game yesterday 4-0 and lost today 2-1, but I hear from Momma that Robin Hood played an amazing game despite the loss. Which isn't a surprise because he usually plays well.

This weekend though, has been an interesting one so far. The Parents and Robin Hood left early friday morning - and by early I mean about o'dark o'clock, and by that I mean that they left while I was still sleeping aka dead to the world. CJ, DP and I thought we'd have the house to ourselves until Sunday when my dad's aunt and her husband were going to show up, but SURPRISE! They got here yesterday afternoon while we were in Spokane visiting my mom's sister.

So we had my great uncle's nephew and his family over for dinner and they stayed until late chatting it up like no other in the back yard. And it's no surprise either since they haven't seen each other for about 14 years and had a lot of catching up to do. I have to admit, it was really nice to meet some extended family that lives in the area. And my fatty pig dog was friendly as ever making her way from person to person sniffing them for food. :)

Today we cleaned the house. This included doing the dishes in the kitchen, swiffering and mopping the kitchen floor, vaccuumming the living and family rooms, folding blankets, my sister tearing the sheets off of her bed and figuring out how to put clean ones on, and CJ mowing the back yard. Whew. I'm actually really proud of that list considering I didn't really think we'd get anything done since my parents are gone. But we did a good job getting the chores completed without screaming fighting death matches between my two younger sibs who haven't been getting along like two peas in a pod lately.

DP got a call from a friend, and after she swiffered and mopped the stairs, I drove her down the street to jump on a new huge trampoline for a few hours. CJ and I decided we wanted to go to the park and then get some ice cream. So we drove downtown and had a photoshoot. I was trying to do some sillouhette (wow that's spelled horribly) pictures for the I Heart Faces contest, but I don't think I really accomplished that. However, CJ enjoyed himself beyond all reason. He's quite the little model if I do say so myself. It was a total blast. So then I rewarded him with some good ole Cold Stone Creamery ice cream. Delish.

And then I picked up an application to Starbucks on the way home. So we'll see if I have more luck with that one than I did with the other. *sighs*

This evening I'm eating dinner with Prince Charming and his family while CJ and DP will be here eating Sahara cheese pizza and watching a movie. My great aunt and uncle decided to hit up Sandpoint today, so I don't know when they'll be back, but at least they are out having fun. Which seemed to be today's goal.

Today has been a good day with intent to become even greater. :)


  1. Hi there how are you?

    I was reading your posts and found your blog interesting. I want you to come and visit mine here in Broken Arrow.

    I hope we can become blog friends and Maybe follow each other?

    I hope to hear from you soon,


  2. Great that you had a fun day after all this work. I hate to do cleaning and stuff in my own flat. I know how exhausting it can be.

  3. Hey Cinderella,
    I'm so glad you accepted my invitation ! And thank you so much for your comments on my art too, very much appreciated my new friend :) I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Take care, and have a beautiful weekend :)

  4. OOOPPSSSY !!! I was signed on to my boyfriends blog when I posted the comment , LOL, so sorry! Again, thank you :)


  5. What a nice slice of life blog. I enjoyed it.

    Starbucks? oooh, love their coffee. I used to live a bit south of you between Plummer and St Maries.

    Ice cream sounds so good about right now.


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