Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life Goes On

I've only been in the new room for a couple days, but Belle is upset with me. She has decided she doesn't want to talk to me a bunch because she doesn't want to get into an argument and have us both say things we'll regret. I respect that because I don't want to fight either, and to be honest the move was more about saving the friendship than tearing it farther apart. So I told her that I'll be here when she feels like talking, and I intend to keep my promise.

When I first started this blog, I was really into searching through the blogs of note to see just what exactly this whole blogging world was really about. As the months have gone on, I've fallen out of searching through the blogs of note, but I still do like to check and see what blog is noted for the day. Today I saw the 5 dollar dinner blog was the highlight of the day. So, being the curious teenage girl that I am, I clicked the link and did a little searching. Turns out he has labels for gluten free meals. Well, this caught my attention because my aunt GFCF I think she calls it that. It just means she can't have gluten. Actually that's just what it means to me, haha. Anyway, click this link: to take you to the gluten free recipes.

Okay well, good chat. But now I have to go take a math quiz... and there was much rejoicing. yay.

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