Monday, March 16, 2009


I know I said I wasn't going to post for a whole week, but I'm such an addict to this dumb blog that I can't leave it alone! I check back everyday to see who's updated their posts, what's going on the world and if I've gotten any interesting comments. (Which I shouldn't hope for because no one really leaves me comments. ever. haha, okay, that's kind of a lie because OBVIOUSLY there are SOME comments. But hey! I am a comment addict and the more the leave a comment please! Comments are like crack, please feed my addiction and we will both be the better.)

Anyhoodle. (haha, I love that word. please don't ask me why because I don't have an answer.) Today was NICE and WARM and far cry from the cold and the snow of Little Idaho. I think I may have even received the beginnings of a tan that will transform me from Cinderella to Pocahontas. *big cheesy grin*

We walked around Balboa Park today and took a bazillion pictures. The Botanical Garden was AWESOME! All those flowers! And they have so many different kinds of flowers with all their crazy flower names. Whoever decided on all the names for those plants had way too much time on their hands - I swear! But it was all so pretty; I'll be sure to post tons of pictures for you all.

Tomorrow we are going to Point Loma (not sure on the spelling) to see the Light House. All of San Diego is visible from there too. And there's a (little) grey whale that's been swimming around in the bay for about a week. It was on the news, and we're excited to go see him.

So that's the long and short of it...well, more like just the short of it. :-)
Maybe I'll write more later, maybe I won't. But I just felt like updating you all today.

Random Fact: the mummy exhibit in the museum of man at balboa park - extra creepy with a side of creep, but incredably fascinating at the same time.


  1. I want pictures of that creepy mummy..and the can keep the flowers :p

    Can't wait to see ya' Porkahontas *cough* I mean Pocahontas :D

  2. what a jerk thing to say. thanks matthew. maybe i won't show you any pictures Porkahontas. really appreciate that one :P

  3. Isn't it amazing to know that there's people out there stalking your blog and never leaving a comment? I get that all the time. Then I'l get an e-mail about something on my blog. I hear the same thing from some of my bloggy friends, too. People are comment-phobic. It's life. Me? Give me a mike, a pen, a keyboard . . . I'll tell ya what I think. Just remember - I may not comment everyday, but I'm always here . . . . (and always proud of you).


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