Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pounding On The Wall

Today started out as rainy. Then it turned to snow. And then it was back to just being wet and cold. It's typical spring weather. Yesterday the sun was shining for a bit! I enjoy the sunshine - it does wonders for the soul.

M is lucky right now - he's in Hawaii and getting as much sun as he can handle. I'm slightly jealous. I had an opportunity to go to Hawaii, but was shot down by my dad who has no desire whatsoever to visit that state. I, on the other hand, would love to just see what it's all about. But then again, you're talking to the girl who wants to go practically everywhere there is to go. I told M to bring me back an awesome gift. He told me he was going to get me a coconut bra! I told him that if he did that, he's the one that would be wearing it.

I'm much better today in terms of being sick. I KO'ed yesterday for a couple hours and then went to bed ridiculously early for a college student last night. Turns out that was exactly what I needed for my body to decide that it wanted to be on the mend. Today I have a bit of a stomach ache - but it's really nothing I can't handle. I'm just glad that I can breathe through my nose today.

Today is also mine and M's 3 month aniversary. We don't ever really celebrate aniversaries like some couples do. I think it's not that big of a deal. Now maybe a 6 month or a year long aniversary - perhaps something in recognition of those milestones. But then again, I don't really know if I care all that much. I'm not that big on gifts except for Birthdays, Christmas and a very few other occasions. Gifts for no reason at all - I don't know how to deal with that. Then I feel like it's my duty to get them something also and sometimes I just don't know what they would want! It's something I'd rather not confront. And if you understand what I mean here, kudos to you because I'm not sure even I understand what I just said. But on the other hand, I know what I mean, so deal.

I can't believe it's only Tuesday. This fact bugs me a bit because it feels like it should be somewhere farther in the week. Perhaps Thursday. Thursday would be good. That would mean the week is almost over and I wouldn't have Comm class to throw off my lazy schedule. Also I would be done with math for the week. Speaking of which, I have to do my math homework tonight - something I'm definitely NOT looking forward to - but something that alas, MUST be done. *sigh*

Anyway, I feel that I've rambled on enough here because most of you don't really care that much anyway. I did have a whole blog written out while I was between classes today, but perhaps I will post that tomorrow. I had a really epic quote at the end, but I don't want to ruin anything. So I guess you just have to stay tuned to find out what I'm going to say! Okay, so to be honest it's probably not that interesting, but hey! I try to keep myself entertained and if I manage to entertain you as well, well then go me!

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