Friday, February 20, 2009

Fix It Friday 3

Friday is here again! And that means it's time for Fix It Friday! My favorite! Here is the photo for the day - WonderGirl. Below is the orginal photo - which was really fun to fix up this morning.

The Original

The 1st Edit

The 2nd Edit

The 3rd Edit

You should definitely go over to and check out the other edits that people have made to the photo. I really had fun with this one this week. I think it's my favorite so far.


  1. I like the 3rd one! Fun!

    I Heart Faces

  2. I love the crop on #3 and I love the colors in your first edit! Wonderful!

  3. I LOVE the third one. Wish I had a picture of my daughter like that. It's definitely "wonder." Beautiful job.

  4. The colors in the first are great, the second is really cool with the border and the texture, and the third is just so creative...I can't decide which I like best : ) Great job!

  5. The cropping you did in the third photo is fantastic! I really love it.

    It's so fun seeing my daughter's face "fixed up" all over the web. :) Beautiful job!

    co-founder of I ♥ Faces

  6. I really love the second and third edit.. you did a great job with them all!

  7. I really love the last one. It would make a great book jacket, dontcha think?

  8. Wow, they're all wonderful! I LOVE the creative crop on the third. It's amazing how pretty different edits can be!


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