Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

So today I had nothing to do until 5 o'clock in the evening when work began. I hadn't an interesting story to relay and so I was hoping that work would provide one. And low and behold - it did!

Work is always interesting and I really enjoy it. I really truly do. I love to make drinks and and sample new things. Toasted Marshmallow white hot chocolate is one of my favorites along with caramel apple cider and a blended caramel mocha. :-)

Anyway, Common Grounds is in our TLC building, affectionately referred to as "The Commons." This building reminds me of the Resort in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho at Christmastime. The lights are so pretty and strung up everywhere making it look all festive and amazing. I had to take a picture :-)

So anyways, back to my work story! We're working our butts off because there are a million people all of a sudden. And this big group has congregated around a table towards the back of the coffee shop. They're speaking in spanish and we're wishing we could understand them. They're all laughing and sounding like they're having a wonderful time.

Eventually they all left. And as we're closing up shop, Calvin comes into the back room with a handful of napkins. I'm standing at the sink washing some of the thermoses we keep milk in, and he just starts laughing. I put the thermos down that I was cleaning with a vengance and turned to look at him.

"What's so funny," I ask. He holds up the napkins.

"People wrote on these!" he answers, laughing.

"What did they write?" I inquire. So big on details he is. He holds up a napkin and reads it off to me.

"I blew my nose in this and put it back! Love, your professor," he reads, laughing. Then flips to the next one. "You have a booger in your nose! Quick! Get it! Use me!" he cracks up with laughter and flips to the next napkin. "This one's in spanish, so I don't know what it says." He flips to the final napkin and reads, "This is the Bad Luck napkin. You'll probably fail all your finals now."

I wanted to bring the napkins home with me becuase I thought they were hilarious, but I didn't remember to grab them until I was almost home. But oh well. I'll live. :-)

Then we got home and played an epic game of clue. Which Amber won. And we watched the most awesome youtube video ever. Well okay, maybe not ever - but we thought it was so funny that we must've watched it six times over again.

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